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Hello GQers! Old and new fans.. Welcome back to the new and improved ultimate Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine sanctuary, The Nearness of You! We absolutely love GQ as you can tell, even though General Hospital does not give them to us anymore. Here at TNOY, Georgie and Dillon always exist, and we follow news on their former portrayers Scott Clifton and Lindze Letherman. We have EVERYTHING you can imagine GQ. Full length clips, music videos, fanfiction, fanart, media, movies the actors starred in, a fanforum, GQ store where you can purchase DVD edits! So much more. If you come across any ''broken" links please let Melody know by sending an email to our yahoo address and she will fix it ASAP! You can find the TNOY email addy in our Site Credits panel. Please feel free to join our website (members only site and forum to download all clips) if you enjoy it here. Remember, this is a GQ fansite ONLY. If you only like Georgie and Dillon together as a couple, this is the place to be. Only GQ fans have full access. We update daily now!  Thanks for coming back!



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*10/1/2015 added more clips from September 2003!

*12/7/14 added 10 clips from August 2003!  

*11/1/14 all clips from April - July 2003 added! 

*10/13/14 added 2 clips from July 2003!

*10/12/14 added 8 clips from July 2003!